This online exhibition brings together the diverse works of current national and international graduate students working and dreaming across mediums within the visual arts. Daydreams are an escape from reality – an escape that gives us room to breathe, to create, and to hope. In daydreams, the present melts away and the possibilities of the future feel as real as the here and now. For many, artists included, daydreams can be launchpads for new ideas or soft places to land when the world gets loud.

Deadline to submit works: Thursday, November 2, 2023 by 4:00 pm MST  

This is an online exhibition, the exhibition will be shown on the website ( and on Instagram (

The jury process will be complete by the middle of November. We anticipate sending out acceptance and rejection emails by November 26. 
Exhibition opens: November 25, 2022

Application is Closed


This exhibit is open to students, both nationally and internationally, currently enrolled in an MFA or MA program in the visual arts. Work must have been completed since enrolled in your graduate program. 


Any medium is accepted, however, with video works, the first 2 minutes will be reviewed by jurors in the initial selection process. 

Judging Criteria

Work will be selected based on originality, relevancy, craftsmanship, and usage of medium. 


MFA students from the University of Montana, Lexie Loader, Lilly Bennett, Megan Foster, Emily Mulvaney and Montana State University, Morgan Kemp, Nicholas Kraus, Tiana Godfrey, Kristen Hedge.

Entry Fee

No entry fee. Applying is free. Artists may submit up to three entries in total.


First, Second, and Third Place will receive modest cash awards. Juror’s Choice Awards will be highlighted.


Sale inquiries will be directed to the artist of the work via the email provided.

Image requirements

– Images should not exceed 3MB and should be in JPG/JPEG format

– Largest dimension (width or height) 2400px
– Label image: LastName_FirstName_Title.jpeg

– Images should be clear and in focus

Video Submissions

– Video submissions will initially be juried for the first two minutes

– Upload your video via YouTube or Vimeo

– Label the video in YouTube/Vimeo as (LastName_FirstName_Title)

– Video URL must be submitted in the application

Optional Text

It is optional for an applicant to include a brief artist statement, written explanation of concept, process or description, please no longer than 200 words.

Important Dates

Deadline to submit works: MONDAY, October 30 by 11:59 pm MST   

The jury process will be complete by the middle of November. We anticipate sending out acceptance and rejection emails by November 25. 

Exhibition opens: November 26, 2023

*note: Applicants will receive an email stating that the submission was received within three days. If you do not receive an email, please resubmit your application.
Questions? Please contact

Application is Closed